How to wear | 16 September 2017

Selling Hacks: 10 tips to know

When it comes to detoxing your wardrobe, successfully selling those pieces you no longer wear is essential. We’ve come up with the 10 golden rules to help you sell your pre-loved pieces - after all, the faster they sell, the sooner you can buy this season must-haves!


Be brand savvy

Some brands never go out of style. On Vestiaire; Hermès and Louis Vuitton are forever popular, so will always sell for a good price, no matter what the season. Some brands however may be hot property for a season or 2, so it’s good to buy and then re-sell them quickly, as you may be able to make 100% of your money back... It’s about knowing what’s hot and following demand.

Use Social Media to your advantage

Instagram is a great way to keep an eye out for brands of the moment and micro-trends. This summer saw the rise of baskets and Realisation Par dresses, which meant they were selling like hotcakes on Vestiaire… This season, look out for Simon Miller and Rouje.

Think seasonal

If you want to sell your pieces quickly, make sure to sell them at the right time. Right now, our community are looking for leather jackets, jumpers and ankle boots - so why not sell your must-haves from last year + use the money to buy a new piece to take you through the season.

Adopt the serial seller mindset

Some items are so identifiable that you may only want to wear them once… Totally fine with us! Selling on Vestiaire is a great way to keep revamping your statement pieces, whether it’s your wedding wardrobe or your party pieces. Why not buy pre-owned, wear once or twice, then sell on again after the event to make your money back.

Presentation is everything

Fact : the better your pictures are, the faster your items sell! Always make sure to photograph your clothes at the right angle and in the best light possible. Photograph all of the little details and flaws, and why not include a picture of the item on; it will help sellers get a better feel for how the piece hangs.

Be transparent

When describing your item, it can be tempting to omit small imperfections in a bid to sell your piece faster. Don’t fall into this trap though, it’s always better to be honest about imperfections to avoid stalling the process at a later stage.

All sold items are checked by our team for quality and authenticity. Any unmentioned imperfections will be noted and called out. Depending on the discrepancy, we’ll either offer the buyer a lower price or cancel the sale altogether. Honesty really is the best policy!

Price wisely

It’s all about balance. You want to get the most money for your item possible, but at the same time, you also want to ensure it sells. Check out similar items on Vestiaire before listing your piece and make a note of those that have sold and those that haven’t.

This will help you to gauge an appropriate price for your specific item. You can also use our resale calculator to get a better idea of the correct price for a specific item, such as a specific size and model of a bag.

Be an active seller

Once your item’s online, make sure you stay responsive. Answer any questions you receive from potential buyers and be open to offers should you get any. The more you engage, the higher the chance of your item being seen by the community, so the more chance it will sell!

It’s the little things

The best way to make your money back when you sell, is to look after your items carefully. Wear and tear is inevitable, but follow these tips to keep your pieces in the best condition possible. Store your clothes away from light to avoid colour fade, keep handbags in dustbags and shoes in boxes, and fill them with tissue to keep their shape.

Finally, don’t forget to dry clean your pieces before you sell them. Spending £10 on dry cleaning a dress could earn you extra money if it takes your item from ‘good condition’ to ‘very good condition’!

Use the App

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s worth downloading our App for easy, hassle-free selling. List your items in minutes, easily track the interest in your pieces and engage with potential buyers whilst on the go. Download today to become a selling pro this season!


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Rossella December 10, 2019
Grazie per i consigli. Se vi va visitate il mio spazio, comincia a riempirsi di articoli interessanti cui sarei felice di dare una seconda vita!
isagani novembre 28, 2019
a beginner never been a loser. try to check out my page
maria novembre 7, 2019
Can bring my item personally. I got hermes bag paris made in france. Thank you
siao September 30, 2019
fendi peekaboo like new on sale check it out
Rosanna September 11, 2019
Ho molte cose nel mio guardaroba che possono piacere a più persone e a prezzi moderati, mi piacerebbe che qualsiasi persona indossasse i miei capi, per dargli una nuova vita, guardate il mio guardaroba e sono certa che troverete il vostro capo.
margie July 23, 2019
Great advice ...and I love the new lower fees I actually would love to see one change on here which to me as a seller I think is important I have more then a few times had a buyer accept my offer then they never bought ...I find that so discouraging because you give them 24 to buy and the buyer doesn’t buy...some of the other sites a credit card is on file when a buyer accepts a offer it’s automatically bought with their card ...otherwise I love this site !! You get 5 stars ⭐️ from me
mamta July 2, 2019
Hello there! I am moving to another country. I have put out many good things from my wardrobe on VC. Check out my page :)
luigi May 21, 2019
Check my page
faten April 20, 2019
im from Tunisia and i can't have paypal account , so if i want to sell something haw can i get my money
vanessa October 24, 2018
grazie a vestiaire posso rinnovare il mio guardaroba ed essere sempre alla moda!!!
From Runway With Love
From Runway With Love October 1, 2018
Ajda July 23, 2018
Come check out my page for more 😎✌🏻🥂❤️
Alina May 13, 2018
Vestiare is a good platform for selling. However time wasters also are present so the sellers and buyers alike have to identify genuine transactions. And of course VC is committed to a quick sell not to a certain price. Stand for what you believe is fair and it will work.
I have a extensive and imaculata closet but I let them go way below their value sometimes. But still, I am happy if someone else is happy.
Paula April 18, 2018
Plataforma perfecta y App perfecta para poder estar todo el día atenta a tus futuros compradores. Echa un vistazo a mi VC con prendas nuevas para esta temporada !!!!!
martine March 7, 2018
Bonjour vestiaire,

Merci de vos conseils toujours plus instructifs-;)

Moi, je suis sur le site depuis Avril 2011 avec des ventes tous les jours. Nous étions moins nombreux(ses) évidemment jusque FIN 2016, je déposais aussitôt vendu mes articles
chez Vestiaire.
Il y à eu une restructuration totale de l'appli Vestiaire et c'est pour moi ce qui à changer la donne!!!
Nous n'avons plus accès aux profils que nous suivions.
A ce jour rien à changer. Beaucoup de Beugs aussi.

J'ai vendu plus de 940 ARTICLES principalement des vêtements jusque milieu année 2017.

Les ventes à ce jour sont plus rares, elles se comptent en mois et non au jour ou à la semaine comme c'était avant !!!

Je suis très déçue de ce qu'est devenu Vestiaire, ainsi que de la commission instaurée.
Moins d'un quart du prix neuf est vendu des articles de collection actuelle 2018.

Ne parlons pas des acheteuses potensiel qui vous font des offres acceptées ou non et qui
n'achètent pas l'article. C'est inconcevable, une perte de temps!!!

J'aimerai qu'ils se remettent en question afin que ce site redevienne plus convivial entre
acheteurs et vendeurs!
claire February 25, 2018
Merci pour vos conseils.
chime February 13, 2018
Great tips! Especially the seasonal items is a good tip! Thank you so much. Start selling here the last few weeks and I have sold three items already. Yeah! Will post more items.
Giovanna January 19, 2018
Thank VC you for tips! I am currently selling some special items on my page..come and have a look! Xo xo
barbie January 3, 2018
Grazie per i consigli, sono un'ottima guida.
emmanuelle novembre 17, 2017
Céline, Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Chloe, Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Burberry, Bonpoint....
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Alors à vos marques, prêtes, achetez! ? Emmanuelle
Elena novembre 12, 2017
Céline and Givenchy shoes new, take a look!
Catherine September 29, 2017
Those are really good tips, especially the ones about being honest with faults right from the start, and also the tip about spending £10 to dry clean your garment. Little details but such important ones. The tip about photographing the garment on is a new one to me - Vestiaire, it would be great if we could upload more photographs at the beginning of a listing and then we could more easily include photos like this, plus plenty of detail shots too.
vrm September 27, 2017
buonissima guida!
mimi September 22, 2017
Venez voir ma page!! Femme, enfant ... de beaux articles en très bon état!!
Possibilité de revoir les prix ensemble..
Welcome and enjoy😉
skourti September 22, 2017
Very useful information
anna September 19, 2017
Really useful tips!! Thanks...come and check my page
cristina September 19, 2017
Completely and definitely TRUE!!! VC my drug:))))
Mirjana September 19, 2017
Thank you for the great tips!

yuyu September 19, 2017
Merci ! J'ai vide ma collection de manoush taille 36 merci pour votre visite !
filippo September 18, 2017
Velvet trousers are the ultimate trend for the upcoming season, thanks to Miuccia 😉
Come and check the ones on my page, of course, by Prada! 🇮🇹❤️
patricia September 18, 2017
Thanks for the great tips!
ly September 17, 2017
Great tips! Thank you Vestaire, I will be busy uploading lots of great and unique things you can't find anywhere else. Come have a look and find a good deal :)
maria September 17, 2017
People that dont answer for 2 years or more and dont respond the questions should be out. The mentioned recovery of 100%of your money back is an utopy, with VC commision you can never sell more expensive for this to be true. Sounds beautiful but united to the pressure to put down price to sell it quickly instead of fairly is a fairy tale. For me the owner should have the freedom to decide how quickly want to sell.
jordan September 17, 2017
Great tips thank you but I do wish there was a method of member feedback available within the Vestiaire marketplace. I have several pieces I would like to sell with you but, given the flakiness I have experienced with my first for sale item, with buyers putting in offers, who I have then taken the time to interact with and to negotiate a mutually agreeable price, the buyer (who in the Vestiaire arena remains anonymous to the seller!!) does not then pay for the item and the transaction is cancelled by Vestiaire with zero accountability or apology! I do think that a visible form of accountability is absolutely mandatory in order for the reliable Vestiaire member's time not to be wasted. I have had exactly the same problems when trying to buy items, this has included endless zero responses to my good offers, also I have had many occasions where the transaction has been cancelled by Vestiaire after I have made prompt payment, only to find that the item is no longer available, despite the seller having accepted my offer just moments earlier! If you include member feedback, Vestiaire, this frankly unacceptable behaviour would become almost extinct and it would at least warn those of us who do not waste other member's time of those members to engage with and those to avoid. Until you address this lack of visible accountability, I feel another cancellation of my Premium membership looming due to my becoming yet again disillusioned with your selling and buying arena. It has never happened to me when selling through other websites who support a clear member feedback policy and accountability process. Please oh please can you do something about this as I love Vestiaire but the process is ruined for me as I never know how long an item will take to get to me if the seller is faffing about, whether they may cancel even after you take my money, and now, with my first experience of selling with you, I experience exactly the same flaky behaviour from a buyer! It has put me off listing my other items with you as I really don't have this kind of time to waste and it makes the process which should be fun, often annoying.
alessandra September 16, 2017
Ottimi consigli👍 Per la stagione in arrivo passate a vedere il mio giubbino da uomo di Gucci e un favoloso cappotto Dior a prezzi super👍🔝
skourti September 16, 2017
the information is valuable
angela September 16, 2017
laura September 16, 2017
Davvero ottimi consigli da tenere presenti per avere un guardaroba sempre rinnovato senza spendere una fortuna.... a proposito , ho messo proprio adesso in vendita un delizioso paio di stivaletti di Fendi ad un prezzo davvero conveniente 👍
Ajda September 16, 2017
Daisy September 16, 2017
Very good advices that i always try to follow. Take a look at my profile for posh brands, excellent quality and lot of choise.
Barbara September 16, 2017
Ho tante cose di vari brand, venite a seguire il mio profilo, prezzi imbattibili 😉
Barbara September 16, 2017
Grazie mille Vestiaire Collective!!! Per tutti questi consigli preziosi!!!
Io cerco di proporre sempre le cose che compro e rivendo velocemente perché amo cambiare look, e amo Vestiaire Collective e amo la moda ❤️
miriam September 16, 2017
Consigli preziosi da tenere sempre presenti! Grazie per le dritte 😊😉
agnes September 16, 2017
Supers conseils!!!
Je viens de mettre en vente quelques pièces MiuMiu,Prada,Atsuro Tamaya,UGG,Prada,Isabel Marant etc...idéales pour l'automne:)
Certaines n'ont jamais été portées!
Melanie September 16, 2017
And I forgot to say ... The ROKSANDA is a size UK14 and the DVF is a US12, should you need to know!
Melanie September 16, 2017
Good tips! I'm new to this after realising I have just too many beautiful things in my wardrobe that I never got a chance to wear ... Most of what I sell has never been worn at all! I want somebody to enjoy anything I sell ... I've believed since the start that I must tell the potential buyer everything I would want to know if I were buying, so that they can buy with confidence! At the moment I have the most fantastic current Roksanda Lavete dress for sale that I have never worn, and a gorgeous brand new SS17 Diane Von Furstenberg silk dress that is a perfect transitional piece at a fantastic price! I would love them to go to a new home where somebody will enjoy them!
aanchal September 16, 2017
Hello, I have really exclusive pieces of clothing of brands Tom ford, CH, Altuzarra, Givenchy, etc. and some really good pair of sunglasses which I love. Most of the dresses or clothes are unworn as I am celebrity stylist in Los Angeles. So those which are favorite from their wardrobe and size differences are here. So please check out once as you get stuff for even half of the prices and latest collection. Thanks!
Just came to know about Vestiaire... else would have been here for ages...
emmanuelle September 16, 2017
Céline, Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Chloe, Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Burberry, Bonpoint....
Venez vite découvrir ma sélection de marques emblématiques et des valeurs sûres du luxe ainsi que des pièces de créateurs... actuelles et vintages... Pour femme et enfants...à mini prix...
Je suis une vendeuse avec Le label Recommadée par VC.
Alors à vos marques, prêtes, achetez! 😉 Emmanuelle